donderdag 17 oktober 2013

Krause Publications Announces 2014 Coin of the Year Nominees

Krause Publications Announces 2014 Coin of the Year Nominees


1. Aruba - KM# 50, 5 Florin, Silver, Shoco Bird - World's First Augmented Reality Coin

I have asked for nomination of this coin and certainly I hope that this is the WINNING coin!
The designer wrote me this message:

"Dear Mr.Van Loon: 

Thank you very much again for your support. I saw the article from Lisa Bellavin soon after your submission of your nice report about the Aruba Coin.

We are now nominated in 3 categories…time to make lobby ;)

I really appreciate your help.

I am sorry to reply you so late but I have been extremely busy since I am back from holidays.

I hope you recover soon your health …we need to keep on fighting for awards now

My best regards




Other nominees:
2. Canada - KM# 1252, 25 Cents, Nickel-Plated Steel, Glow in the Dark Dino Skeleton
3. Cook Islands - KM# 1600, 5 Dollars, Silver, Nano-Sistine Chapel
4. Isle of Man - KM# 1446, 1 Crown, Copper-Nickel, Tennis - Commemorates Both Table Tennis and Lawn Tennis
5. Kazakhstan - KM# 223, 500 Tenge, Silver, Dinmukhamed Konayev - ex-Soviet Republic Honors ex-Soviet Leader (Distinct visual themes)
6. Latvia - KM# 131, 1 Lats, Silver, Riga Technical University - Technical Draftsmanship Tools
7. Niger - KM# 17, 1,000 Francs, Silver, Mecca Pointer
8. Poland and Ukraine - Y#824, KM# 666, 10 Zlotych + 10 Hyrvnia, Silver, European Football Championship - Yin Yang Design for Two Nations
9. Poland - KM# 825-828, 10 Zlotych, Silver, European Football Championships - 4 Pieces Make A Square

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