vrijdag 14 december 2012

Coin of the Year.

Erik J. van Loon has nominated this coin successful

A Royal Dutch Mint 5-euro silver coin captivated an international panel of judges, who voted it the 2013 Krause Publications Coin of the Year.
The coin, which features a scannable code, was chosen from among 10 category winners on Dec. 12. The Netherlands piece topped the Most Innovative coin category in the first round of voting on Nov. 30. It features a Quick Response Code on the reverse, which can be scanned with a smart phone. The theme of the 2011-dated coin is the 100th anniversary of the building of the Mint’s present facility. All of the coins in contention were issued with 2011 dates.

Het 100 jaar Muntgebouw Vijfje is uitgeroepen tot Coin of the Year. Dit grote nieuws is op 14-12-2012 door Krause Publications bekend gemaakt. Hiermee feliciteer ik de Koninklijke munt van harte. En mezelf in het bijzonder. Want ik ben degene die de drie munten uit 2011 bij Krause heb voorgedragen!! Ik, van harte geluk gewenst met deze uitslag! Kijk ook op ondestaande link:

Royal Dutch Mint also put in a few nominations this year, so there were two nominations for this particular coin, as well as a nomination from our judging committee here at Krause. 

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